We Offer

Custom Wine Cellar Design

If you’re anything like the majority of our clients, you have very specific goals for your wine cellar down to the last detail. The beautiful aesthetics of the space should speak to your love of wines and their culture. At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, our dedicated design team has over 24 years of experience in crafting totally unique designs that are customized to fit your needs and suitable to your space. The planning process should never be overlooked in its importance to your Charlotte custom wine cellar.

Our quality service gets your cellar done to specification from beginning to end through:

  • Complimentary on-site design consultation
  • Our dedicated CAD (Computer Aided Design) team
  • 2D or 3D models of the wine cellar plan, in color or black & white

Custom Wine Racking

Your wine cellar can be an extravagant testament to your profound love of wine or a minimalist space prizing its functional aesthetic. The walls, ceilings, and door are only the beginning. Your wine racking complements the room immeasurably, and planning out the perfect racks is important. At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, we provide a wide array of Charlotte custom wine racks to match your unique design vision. The perfect rack is integral to completing your custom wine cellar. We offer an impressive variety of wood finishes as well as metal selections to craft the look you want.

Our array of available wine racking services is extensive:

  • Furniture style wine racking
  • Metal and cable wine racking
  • Acrylic wine racking

Custom Wine Cellar Doors

The door to your wine cellar is more than functional. It is the entryway and an invitation to a bountiful experience hidden in your home.

The door should be an amazing aesthetic introduction to what lies beyond while perfectly preserving the environment within.

At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, we pride ourselves on finishing and installation services for the Charlotte wine cellar doors that you deserve.

Cooling Systems

The appearance and architecture of your new Charlotte custom wine cellar do not have to be compromised by the right cooling system. Similarly, the available options vary in budgetary considerations and we can advise on a choice to save you money. At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, we can help you navigate the realm of cooling to a selection that preserves your wine without a significant impact on your finances.

We can recommend three primary models of cooling systems for your needs:

  • Through-wall cooling system: This one-piece unit is popular among clients working within more than modest budget constraints. It slides through a wall, connecting your wine cellar to a space of similar size and temperature in order to regulate cooling of your wine. Ideal exhaust will be to a larger space than your cellar or outside of the home entirely.
  • One-piece ducted unit: The one-piece ducted unit is significantly more discrete. This system can be placed in any out-of-the-way space such as a garage or attic in order to avoid even the lowest mechanical noise in your cellar.
  • Split cooling system: A licensed refrigeration technician can install this final option. A split cooling system is modular, with the installation of multiple components in separate spaces. A condenser unit is installed outside, while the air handler can be located directly in your wine cellar or ducted in from a nearby space.