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At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, we construct wine cellars, saunas, & steam rooms to the exacting standards of each client. Some clients may have a vision in mind without understanding every little detail that it entails. We have put together some answers to frequently asked questions below to assist you in your decision.

What is the average investment for a Charlotte Custom Wine Cellar?

Similar to any valued investment, the answer will vary based on the outcome you desire. Contributing factors to cost will include the overall aesthetic you prefer, the wine racking materials, and the installed cooling system. Our no obligation, no cost in-home consultation can help you to get a good idea.

Does My New Wine Cellar Need a Cooling System?

This is an excellent question, and applicable to some. If your wine collection is isolated to primarily table wines, you very well may not require a cooling unit. On the other hand, a significant collection of red wines being stored for long periods demands temperature and humidity control.

What Is a Vapor Barrier, and Do I Need One?

Vapor barriers serve to prevent humidity from gaining access to your climate controlled wine cellar. Humidity can introduce mold, and “Closed Cell” polyurethane spray foam for the walls, ceiling, and floor can prevent this. Additionally, the manufacturer of your cooling system will require that a vapor barrier is installed to maintain your warranty.

What Sorts of Cellar Designs Are Available?

At Wine Cellars of the Carolinas, we can create unique designs from Old World Tuscan to sleek contemporary. Whether you are looking for an antiquated feel or a new metal one, we offer a variety of beautiful materials, wood finishes, and metal surfaces for you to choose from.

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